SyncTec’s application suite ECM2 is an electronic management platform tailor-made for the engineering and construction industry. ECM2 supports the operation of the essential management processes such as Quality, Safety, Health, Environment, Project, Document and Business Process Management.

The aim of ECM2 is to provide an integrated management solution with uniform applications that streamline the total operation of projects. ECM2 tightens and optimizes processes, integrates the project members through individual web interfaces and provides project managers with excellent monitoring and control tools.

Overall, ECM2 enhances the total quality of the project and the end product. It leads to better project control and it saves valuable business time. A must for companies that search for the competitive edge.

ECM2 Application Modules

eQMS___ - electronic Quality Management System
eQBASE_ - electronic Quality Assurance System (QA)
eQAS_..._ - electronic Quality Assurance and Quality Control System (QA/QC)
eTRACK... - electronic Defects Tracking System