eQMS, a powerful electronic Quality Management System for the Engineering and Construction industry, supports all essential functions of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) processes including a punch list tool for tracking and rectifying defects at the work site.

eQMS consists of three single application modules, eQBase - for the QA process, eQAS for the QA and QC process and eTRACK for tracking and rectifying defects. These modules can either work independently as standalone solutions or in combination as a powerful total Quality Management solution (eQMS).

eQMS goes beyond a localized quality management system for the QA/QC team. It provides web based application interfaces that integrate the total project organization from construction managers who want to know the progress of the QA/QC process to subcontractors who search for quality control procedures and need to complete inspection forms.


  • Higher quality products and client satisfaction through structured quality management

  • Saving of time and manpower through better organization, efficient and productive QA/QC processes and real-time information processing

  • Saving of costs through better construction management, leaner processes and less rectification work

  • Lower risk of late turnovers and contract penalties.
Moreover eQMS demonstrates that you take QA/QC very serious and this ultimately improves your image in the industry.

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